Perished Teddies - Harmony Kingdom First Edition Treasure Jest


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      Harmony Kingdom's dogs, Martin Perry's Alfie and Peter's Murphy are the stars of this box figurine - fast friends who met every Wednesday at Wimberley Mills to wreak havoc around the studio fighting over balls, sticks and toys. This piece does contain some disturbing images and should only be viewed by a “mature” audience. One teddy has a knife in its back and another is smoking.

      Until March 1999 the name of this piece was “Perished Teddies” but was changed due to its similarity to another collectible. Hallmarks include ©, star, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc. Within the interior of this First Edition piece is a beheaded doll looking vaguely familiar. Peter's mouse has found a secure hiding spot.

      Secondary Market with original box, tent card and booklet
      Carving Date: 1998
      2.52" wide, 2.28" long, 2.72" high
      Small Treasure Jest - Retired

      This piece is in excellent, damage free pre-owned condition however, the gift box has very minor signs of age and handling.
      Photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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