Night Shift - Harmony Kingdom Ltd Ed Opossum


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      The peculiar opossum has many unusual characteristics, including a prehensile tail, opposable thumbs on its hind feet, immunity to many venomous snakes, and a pouch to carry babies in. Although the female may have as many as 25 young in a litter, she only has nipples for thirteen. The inscription 13ULS stands for “13 unlucky for some,” referring to the baby ‘possums who may not be lucky enough to be fed. “KG” in a circle pays tribute to Karen Gilbert, House of Lords Dealer. On the sides of the opossum’s neck are carved “Sep.01,” the date the model was created, and “PF,” “Pete’s Favourite.”

      The interior shows an opossum’s head surrounded by sweet potatoes, inspired by a recipe Peter came across in his research. The mouse peeks out of a branch in the log.

      Limited Edition Box Figurine
      Carving Date: 2001
      1.75' wide, 2.75" long, 2.625" tall
      Artist signed

      Photographs are of the actual piece you will receive. Minor scuffing on gift box.

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