Jardinia Cat in Vase - Harmony Kingdon Treasure Jest


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      Well – who would have thought it? Uncle Cedric left Miss Mountford a treasure in his will - an old vase that stood in the window at the top of the stairs. She now knew, it was one of the finest and rarest examples remaining of Bong Dynasty china. Uncle Cedric had been something of a traveler and had bought back all sorts of eccentricities from around the globe. One of the less appealing souvenirs – which she had also inherited – was his collection of geckos from the jungles of Borneo. Her cat Montague was an accomplished policeman if one should “accidentally” escape from the reptile tank. Meanwhile the yellow-banded ridgeback thought he’d found the perfect refuge and made for the vase at the top of the stairs. Surely Montague would not find him there? The signature acorn hangs from a vine. The number “97” indicates that this is the 97th piece David Lawrence has carved for Harmony Kingdom.

      1.8" wide, 1/5" long, 3.2" high
      Version 1 - Retired

      In-house stock photographs - item received is manufacturer poly bagged and will be similar but unique.

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