Back Scratch II - Harmony Kingdom Turkish Van Cat In Tub


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      This bathing kitty is a Turkish Van, a breed that is known to actually like water. According to legend, there were two white cats aboard Noah’s ark. After the flood, Noah lowered the gangplank, accidentally hitting the cats’ tail, which turned a fiery auburn color. The cats settled in the town of Van, where stories, songs and poems of the area mention the “swimming cats.”

      The word “Van” is written on the cat’s brush. Who’s that hiding beneath the cat’s tail? Could it be Osama Bin Laden? Peter's mouse cowers beneath the brush. Version One features a yellow duck and the interior shows a swimming cat trying to catch some fish.

      Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest
      Carving Date: 2003
      Fixed Edition
      3" wide, 3.1" long, 3.2" high

      First image is an in-house stock photograph - second is of the actual manufacture bagged piece you will receive.

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