Down Under - Harmony Kingdom Platypus


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      The Platypus is a egg-laying, furry-bodied mammal with webbed feet and poisonous spur claws. In addition to the fascinating creatures, this box figurine is filled with many surprises.

      This Treasure Jest's secrets include: The mouse is accompanied by a computer “mouse” to celebrate the purchase of artist’s first computer. Inside the box are 3 platypus eggs. The inscription “Where’s Bob?” is a friendly reference to HK’s Bob McKinlay, a man so busy and on the move, one is never quite sure where to find him. Hallmarks include ©, diamond, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.

      Carving Date: 1996
      2.13 inches wide, 2.09" long, 2.2" high

      Photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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