Ivory Tower - Barn Owls - First Run Ltd Edition Harmony Kingdom

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      A group of distinguished barn owls decorate this beautiful 1997 Harmony Kingdom box figurine. Along the base is the inscription, “If the oak’s before the ash you’ll only get a splash.” Carved inside the sickle and mistletoe inscribed lidded interior chamber are the words “Kiss Kiss.” Hallmarks include ©, heart, HBC logo (treble clef), ed.#, and DL.

      As one of the first figurine boxes to be cast, this piece possesses superior detail to that of subsequent castings.

      This is a brand new first run piece intended to be used for promotions and is marked “Sample” in lieu of the artist’s signature and edition number.

      Artist: David Lawrence
      Zookeepers Collection - Limited Edition
      Carving Date: 1997
      Roughly 3.46" diameter, 4.45" tall

      In-house stock photographs - item received will be similar but unique.

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