Jump For Joy - Harmony Kingdom Humpback Whale Box Figurine


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      This beautiful Treasure Jest box figurine depicts 3 majestic Humpback Whales breaching the ocean waves in joyful unison. Peter's signature mouse is surrounded by bubbles, representing the way the whales sometimes feed by ‘bubble netting’ their prey.

      The interior contains a colorful drunken sailor in a dinghy, hand-painted by Peter. He has been swallowed by the whale, to make up for all the whaling over the years. Also included is a second mouse being “bubble netted.”

      Artist: Peter Calvesbert
      Version 1 - Signed
      Carving Date: 2008
      Roughly 2.75 inches diameter, 3.25 inches high
      Made in England

      As with any hand-tinted product, piece received will be similar but unique.

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