Churchill - Harmony Kingdom Cat In Bowl V1

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      A handsome tabby cat preens himself in a bowl decorated with the elegant “Willow Pattern,” first used by the Spode factory in Staffordshire, England. David Lawrence remembers looking at the pattern on the plates as a youngster and wondering about the people featured in the designs.

      On the interior are a few willow leaves labeled “English Hurdle.” When willow is cut as a long, thin switch, it can be woven into a kind of fence known as a “hurdle.” Aspirin also appears because it is made from an extract of willow bark. The signature acorn appears under the cat's tail to the left of the mouse.

      Carving Date: 2003
      2" wide, 2.2" long, 2.75" high
      Fixed Edition

      Photographs are of the actual piece you will receive.

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