Harmony Kingdom One Of A Kind Whale - Rare Resin V1


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      This truly unique 2014 Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest features a magnificent killer whale rising high above the waves. Peter decided to experiment with a black resin, adding white inserts for the whale’s white cheek flashes. Although successful in achieving the true black required for a whale, this new technique brought several new problems, and likely will not be used again - as a result, it may truly live up to its name.

      Artist: Peter Calvesbert
      Roughly 2.25" long, 3" high

      Due to problems with production and issues with packaging that caused the finish of some pieces to be less than perfect, production of this piece was stopped at around 123. It is unknown how many of the pieces released were actually salable.

      In-house stock photos. As with any hand-finished product, box figurine received will be similar but unique.


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