Harmony Kingdom Log Fume (flume) - Black Box HIppo Box Figurine


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      This 2013 Black Box Treasure Jest is based on the fact that hippos spend the majority of their day in water, only venturing out after dark to feed. Of course, artists' warped mind took this to its logical (or illogical!) conclusion and realized that without portable bathrooms in the wild, the water must be one giant restroom for the hippos.

      This box shows the embarrassment and shame of one hippo who attempted, and failed, to discreetly park his breakfast whilst chatting with his friends and their subsequent disgust!

      You will also see a little duck around the back reading the Bathing Rules and being somewhat perplexed by the one stating 'No Ducking'. There is also a pool membership card which has been ripped up.

      Around the base you will see some secrets - including the word 'retromingent' meaning 'to urinate backwards'. Examples include hippos (of course), camels and raccoons.

      Limited Edition
      2.25" wide, 3" long, 2.25" high
      Rare - HTF

      In-house stock photos.
      As with any hand-tinted product, slight variations should be expected.

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