Tabby Tenement - Harmony Kingdom Cat Pile


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      There is something impossibly elegant about cats. Even when misbehaving, they do so in style!

      This 2008 piece is third in a series of intricate animal pile box figurines created by Master Carver Peter Calvesbert (“Weight of the World” and “Atlas Shrugged” being the other two). The bottom cat has spotted a mouse and is trying to hold all the other cats at bay. Peter’s pet cat, Lucy, is a great hunter and is trying her hardest to empty the garden of all birds and rodents. The interior shows the three birds that Peter has rescued from her jaws (so far).

      Peter tried and failed to find an estimate of how many cats there are in the world. He did discover that America is the country with the most cats at 76,430,000 and the United Kingdom was seventh with 7,700,000 (his reference did not cite who counted them)! The lid bears the name of the cartoon character Sylvester J. Pussycat, who was named after the Latin name for the cat - Felis Sylvestris Catus.

      Open Edition
      3" wide, 3" long, 3.25" high

      In house stock photographs - as with any hand-painted product, item received will be similar but unique.


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