Cherubini - Harmony KIngdom Ginger Cat In Top Hat


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      After four years of touring the globe, conducting sell out performances of his phenomenally successful operas, the Great Latrino was returning in triumph!. His cat Cherubini, the only memento of home he now kept, had ascended from stringy alley cat to sleek-furred feline cat-about-town. His caterwauling transformed to a melodious basso howl. The Italian-born composer Luigi Cherubini was known for his dramatic operas, sharp tongue and compulsive orderliness.

      The top hat this dapper cat hides in doesn’t seem to belong to the composer though. The “10/6” indicates that it belongs to the Mad Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland.” On the interior, a carrot and footprints indicate the White Rabbit has passed this way.

      Carving Date: 2002
      1.6" wide, 1.9" long, 2.9" high
      First Version - Retired

      In-house stock photos. As with any hand-tinted product, unique variations should be expected.

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