Harmony Kingdom Leaps And Bounds Tiger Treasure Jest V-2


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      Carved by Peter Calvesbert, this Treasure Jest depicts one of our planets most striking animals. Even though it is a strong and powerful predator, the Tiger is an endangered species with not many more than a thousand left in the wild.

      Peter reports that depression sets in when reading about the plight of our wildlife, so for the inscriptions on “Leaps and Bounds”, he carved some trivia that would make him smile. He included the name “Tony” (they’re grrreat), the advertising icon for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. “Tigger” – A.A. Milne’s creation and friend of Winnie the Pooh – receives a nod. Also inscribed is “Hobbes”, from the Calvin and Hobbes syndicated cartoon strip by Bill Watterson, and soon to be the subject of a U.S. postage stamp. Another tiger that receives mention – “Montecore” – the white Siegfried and Roy show stopper that literally brought an end to the Las Vegas extravaganza. Other inscriptions include “Streak”, the name of a group of tigers, and “February 14th”, the start of the Chinese year of the tiger.

      Open the lid to reveal a fire hydrant and, bent golf club in homage to the world’s most famous tiger.

      Carving Date: 2009
      2" wide, 3" long, 1.75" tall
      Limited Edition of 250

      In-House stock photos - as with any hand-tinted product, item received will be similar but unique.

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