Call It A Day - Harmony Kingdom Sloth Treasure Jest


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      Inhabiting the tropical forests of South and Central America, sloths can live for more than ten years, spending nearly their entire existence hanging from trees by their long limbs. To portray suspension, the base of this box figurine is completely smooth to suggest nothingness.

      The slow growth of this animals hair allows algae grow on it giving them a greenish tinge. Its hair is also home to the sloth moth, a flutter of which is depicted in the interior. Each year the female produces a single offspring. Notice the baby sloth tucked between momma’s limbs. Look for the initials L.B., which stand for Leanna Barron, who suggested this piece. Also, look for the hidden signature mouse.

      Carving Date: 2004
      Fixed Edition
      3" wide, 1.7" long, 3.47" high

      As with any hand-tinted product, item received will be similar but unique.

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