Comet - Harmony Kingdom Reindeer Ornament

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      Meet Comet - the fifth reindeer in the Harmony Kingdom mini collection of ornaments.

      The 2013 annual HK Santa, was based on the expected appearance of comet Ison, which astronomers had announced could be the astrological event of the century.

      Alas, like Icarus, Ison flew too close to the sun and that was that! This reindeer is wearing a t-shirt with the result of that encounter and had also been hit by what was left of it. The poor thing (who is female incidentally in Peter's mind) is rubbing a very large bump on top of her head. On closer inspection you will see the celestial object contains a tiny green alien.

      Artist: Peter Calvesbert
      Carving date: March 2014
      Release date: May 18th 2014
      Timed edition available until July 31st 2014
      About 1" wide, 1.25" long and 2.25" high

      As with any hand-tinted product, unique variations should be expected.

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